Building Owners, Developers and Constructors are learning that, “There is a Better Way to Build, it’s the Active Zero Energy Bandwagon Way®!”

Our prefabricated panelized construction system is an excellent choice for commercial projects. Commercial SIPs expedites the on-site construction process while significantly reducing skilled labor requirements. As projects are completed faster, construction loan costs can also be greatly reduced. Tighter, well ventilated SIPs structures offer building owners and occupants, healthier indoor air environments, a key component of education and health care projects. SIPs building envelopes reduce the size requirements for heating and ventilating equipment which further lowers construction and operating cost of the building throughout its useful life.

SIP Panels are strong and can act as the building structure for light commercial projects up to 4 stories. On high rise commercial projects, the SIP panel becomes the insulated building skin and acts as a replacement for masonry block, metal framing and other exterior building skin products. SIP panels can reduce the weight of a building by as much as 30% under masonry block in-fill systems. These reductions in weight convert into hundreds of thousands of $ in construction cost savings by reducing the size of required foundations, beams and other structural elements designed to carry the building weight and structural loads.

The Active Zero Energy Bandwagon Way Panel® is a patented energy efficient Magnesium Oxide Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) that is manufactured under factory controlled conditions in our state of the art manufacturing facility. We can pre-fabricate our panels to fit nearly any building design. Our panels are green, energy efficient and help projects achieve those needed points to achieve LEED, Green Globes and other Green Building Certifications.

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