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Some items in your home demand extra care. The most important of them is the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Everything from the temperature in your bedrooms to the air quality in your basement is controlled by these systems. These high-tech systems, depending on the size of your home, might be enormous and complex, necessitating regular HVAC Repair. Cleaning ducts and clearing vents makes all the difference in small settings.

If you’re unsure how to get the best HVAC service and installation for your home, go no further than the Active Zero Energy Bandwagon. Our skilled team and high-quality goods have been designed to make your life easier and your house or business run smoothly.

Your home’s temperature and air quality will have a direct influence on you and your family. We take indoor air quality seriously and offer cutting-edge duct cleaning technologies as well as home automation solutions.

We have a good reputation in Manhattan NY, for maintaining and increasing the air quality of homes, allowing our customers to breathe peacefully and worry-free. We also provide inexpensive geothermal and new construction installations, delivering long-term value and savings. Our primary objective is to provide extremely affordable pricing on high-efficiency HVAC system conversions. We provide timely and expert heating, ventilation, and air conditioning repair, service packages, and installation work (HVAC).

We offer 24-hour emergency service for “no heat” emergencies as well as commercial refrigeration. You can call us at any time to get a free price quote.

Our Services are accessible in Manhattan NY, New York City NY, Queens NY, Brooklyn NY and Long Island NY


The goal of preventative maintenance is to keep your HVAC system functioning smoothly throughout the season, allowing you to start the heating and cooling seasons with reliable and efficient service while operating at maximum efficiency. It is preferable to arrange your HVAC maintenance plan twice a year, once in the spring for cooling equipment and once in the fall for heating equipment.

Although many homeowners are unaware, frequent air conditioner maintenance is essential for the proper operation and durability of your AC system. In fact, ignored maintenance services are the major cause of air conditioner problems.

For reliable residential as well as commercial HVAC maintenance services, come straight to us. During your service, one of our certified experts will inspect and evaluate your unit, making any necessary modifications and repairs. Some of the advantages of routine maintenance are immediate, while others prevent future problems from arising.

Call us today to discuss how we can collaborate to give the greatest quality service while keeping the customer’s wishes and needs in mind. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we will give the highest quality service that meets and surpasses our customers’ expectations.

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