What To Do While Waiting For AC Repair?

It can take some time before your AC repair specialist can arrive because there are so many others in a similar predicament. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to keep yourself as cool and cosy as you can while waiting for the HVAC expert to fix your air conditioner.

In other words, at some point over the lifespan of your air conditioner, you could be trapped without cooling for a day or two. Therefore, given that you can’t just hang around at your neighbour’s house all day, we’ve included some suggestions below for what you can do while waiting.

Close Off Rooms, You’re Not Using

The less room you need for cooling, the better. If you won’t be utilising a certain area, then it would be better to close off rooms. You could also wish to relocate to an empty room where no one has been using it all day if the main section of your house starts to get warm.

Close Blinds and Drapes to save Energy.

Close the blinds or drapes to stop heat from entering your home because over 30% of unwelcome heat arrives through windows. It may be energy-saving if you try to reduce the temperature inside your house by up to 20 degrees simply by drawing the blinds and drapes.

During the night, the temperature gradually drops, which might help you keep your house cool. Open the windows at night to make it possible for the cool air to enter your house. Just be careful to shut your windows again when you wake up to prevent warm air from returning inside otherwise your cost-effective method to reduce heat will be in vain.

Use Fans To Circulate The Air

During Summer cooling may be achieved by using fans. Install a single fan in each area of your house, and adjust speed it as needed between slow, medium or fast. It circulates air generously and the fact that one fan may cover the entire room, which will save your electricity bill costs.

Block Out The Sun

When it’s hot outside, sunlight automatically becomes the main source of generating heat. Although you may find the sun’s rays to be soothing while lounging on the beach or in your sunroom, they generate a lot of heat that makes your home seem warm. It’s a good idea to block out the sun using curtains, shades, and other coverings if your AC is broken and you’re attempting to keep a lower temperature. By lowering shades you can reduce heat and expect your home’s temperature to decrease a few degrees as a result.

Take A Cold Shower.

A cold shower is preferable when the temperature inside the home is increasing, even though most people prefer hot showers. Taking a cold shower feels you energetic, and fresh the body and aid in bodily cooling. Also, avoid drying your hair. After the shower, leave it damp and let it dry naturally to help you lower your body temperature long after the water has dried.

To assist lower the body’s temperature and help the skin cool off, moist towels can be applied to the body. To keep the damp towels cold, change them as needed. On a hot day, apply them on the forehead, the back of the neck, or wherever else you need to cool down.

Consider A Portable AC Unit.

Neck AC

The effectiveness of a homemade portable AC unit made from a fan and an ice-filled mixing bowl is astonishing. This temporary solution also entails that box fans may be used on a reduced power level, saving you money on your electric cost. Use bigger ice cubes whenever you can since they melt more slowly.

Consider a neck cooler if you’re looking for a portable, hands-free and affordable cooling gadget.


When the air conditioner breaks down, it can be difficult to remain cool, especially if the temperature begins to rise quickly during the hot hours of the day. The intense heat and humidity in the area might potentially cause harm to items inside their home. To speed up the repair of the air conditioning, make sure to call for a repair as soon as any problems arise. Try out the above suggestions to keep the home secure and cool while you wait for the technician to come.